How to Renew Your NHIS: A Step-by-Step Guide

The most effective method to Recharge Your NHIS: A Bit by bit Guide

The Public Medical Coverage Plan (NHIS) in Ghana is a significant asset that gives admittance to reasonable medical care administrations. Staying up with the latest guarantees you and your family keep on getting these advantages. Here is an itemized guide on the most proficient method to recharge your NHIS participation.

Why Renewing Your NHIS?

Reestablishing your NHIS is critical because it:

  • Guarantees constant admittance to medical care administrations.
  • Assists you with abstaining from paying personally for clinical costs.
  • Keeps your health care coverage benefits continuous.

Bit by bit Manual for Renewing Your NHIS

Stage 1: Set up the Necessary Records

Before you start the recharging system, ensure you have the following:


  • Your NHIS card or NHIS enrollment number.
  • A legitimate distinguishing proof card (e.g., citizen ID, driver’s permit, visa).

Stage 2: Pick a Renewing Strategy

You can recharge your NHIS enrollment utilizing one of the accompanying techniques:

  1. Mobile Renewal
  2. Online Renewal
  3. In-Individual Restoration at NHIS Offices

Mobile Renewal

How to Renew Your NHIS: A Step-by-Step Guide

The NHIS online renewing administration is advantageous and fast. Follow these means:

  1. Dial the Code:
  • Dial *929# on your cell phone.
  1. Select the Reestablishment Option:
  • Follow the prompts and select the “Reestablish Enrollment” choice.
  1. Enter Your Enrollment Number:
  • Input your NHIS enrollment number when incited.
  1. Make the Payment:
  • Affirm the installment sum and adhere to the directions to finish the installment utilizing versatile cash.
  1. Receive Confirmation:
  • When the installment is fruitful, you will get an affirmation message.

Online Renewal

To restore your NHIS on the web, follow these means:

  1. Visit the NHIS Website:
  • Go to the authority NHIS site.
  1. Log In to Your Account:
  • If you don’t have a record, make one utilizing your participation subtleties.
  1. Select Renewal:
  • Explore the restoration segment and follow the prompts to recharge your enrollment.
  1. Make the Payment:
  • Pay the reestablishment charge utilizing the accessible installment strategies (e.g., versatile cash, Visa).
  1. Receive Confirmation:
  • You will get an email or SMS affirming your reestablishment.
How to Renew Your NHIS: A Step-by-Step Guide

In-Person Renewing at NHIS Workplaces

Assuming you favor reestablishing your NHIS face-to-face, follow these means:

  1. Visit the Closest NHIS Office:
  • Find your closest NHIS area office.
  1. Bring Your Documents:
  • Convey your NHIS card and a legitimate ID.
  1. Fill Out the Renewal Form:
  • Complete the restoration structure given at the workplace.
  1. Make the Payment:
  • Pay the recharging charge at the workplace. You might get a receipt for your installment.
  1. Receive Your Renew Card:
  • Your NHIS card will be refreshed with the new expiry date, and you can gather it after handling.

Tips for a Smooth Renewing Cycle

  • Check Expiry Date: Ensure you realize your NHIS card’s expiry date to keep away from any holes in inclusion.
  • Keep Your Contact Data Updated: Guarantee your telephone number and email address are forward-thinking in the NHIS framework to get convenient notices.
  • Renewing Early: Don’t hold on as late as possible to restore your enrollment. Early reestablishment maintains a strategic distance from somewhat late issues and guarantees persistent inclusion.


Renewing your NHIS enrollment is a direct cycle that guarantees you keep on getting reasonable medical care administrations in Ghana. Whether you decide to reestablish using portable, on the web, or face-to-face, following the means illustrated in this guide will assist you with exploring the cycle easily. Remain proactive about your health care coverage and appreciate continuous admittance to the advantages presented by the NHIS.

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