Ronaldinho releases enraged bluster as he makes sense of why he won’t watch Alisson Becker and Brazil

Ronaldinho-Brazil Squad

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker and the Brazilian public group will before long participate in the Copa America. However, Ronaldinho has released a tirade before the competition.

Brazil legend Ronaldinho has unleashed a furious rant about his country’s national team ahead of the Copa America. Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker is set to play a big role for the Selecao in the tournament in the US.

Ronaldinho-Brazil Squad

The competition is due to get underway in the coming week with Brazil among the favorites to win the whole thing. But Ronaldinho, the former Barcelona and PSG star, has insisted he will not be paying any attention.
After Brazil drew 1-1 with the US in its final match before the Copa America began, the 44-year-old was not impressed. He left a lengthy message on Instagram about the situation.
“That’s it guys. I will not watch any Brazil game at the Copa America nor celebrate any victory,” it read. “I’ve had enough. It’s a sad moment for those who love Brazilian football. It’s hard now to find the spirit to watch the games.


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