iOS 18: Here Is How to Lock and Hide Apps on Your iPhone

In iOS 17, Apple doesn’t offer a framework level strategy for exclusively locking delicate applications like Photographs behind Face ID. There is an Easy route activity that gives simple security, yet entirely it’s not trustworthy. Fortunately, iOS 18 incorporates a committed choice to lock and try and conceal individual applications in any event, when the iPhone itself is opened.

iOS 18 on iPhone Element
This is helpful on the grounds that it implies you can open your iPhone and hand it to somebody for them to see something, realizing they will not have the option to open the applications you have locked. Assuming somebody utilizing your iPhone attempts to open an application that you have physically locked utilizing the strategy depicted underneath, they will see a popup illuminating them that it can’t be gotten to without optional validation through Face ID (or Contact ID on the iPhone SE).

Strikingly, on the off chance that Taken Gadget Security is dynamic, entering a password to open an application isn’t a choice, so regardless of whether your iPhone is taken and the hoodlum knows your password, they actually will not have the option to open the application. Nonetheless, in the event that Taken Gadget Security isn’t empowered, a password brief creates the impression that can be utilized to open the application after three bombed Face ID endeavors.


It’s actually quite significant that not all applications can be locked. As things stand in the principal iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 betas, Mac doesn’t give the lock choice to non-delicate applications like Guides, Clock, Number cruncher, and Stocks. In any case, pretty much every other application can be locked, including outsider applications. Behold.

On your Home Screen, press and hang on the symbol for the application that you need to lock.
Tap Require Face ID (or Contact ID).
Tap Require Face ID (or Contact ID) to affirm.


Note that you can’t utilize Siri with a locked application, and Spotlight search and any notice reviews won’t show content from the application.

How to hide apps in ios 18


At the point when you lock an outsider application utilizing the above strategy, you have the choice to conceal it too – however at present you can’t conceal framework applications like Safari or Photographs. When empowered, the application symbol and name is taken out from the Home Screen, and it won’t appear in look, in spite of the fact that it might in any case show up in the Settings application.

How to Unlock and Unhide Apps


A darkened envelope for buried applications is likewise made in your Application Library, which is gotten to by swiping left to the furthest limit of your Home Screen pages. Be that as it may, you won’t get application notices or approaching calls from a secret outsider application.

The most effective method to Open and Unhide Applications
To open an application that you recently locked, basically lengthy push on the application’s symbol and pick the “Don’t Need Face ID” choice. However long you have Taken Gadget Security empowered, turning the lock on and off requires a ‌Face ID‌ examine, so it can’t be switched off without your insight.

Application Library
To unhide a locked outsider application, swipe through to the Application Library and tap the darkened Secret envelope at the base. You will be expected to play out a Face ID sweep to uncover its items. From that point forward, you can get to any covered up applications held inside it.

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